get inspired: indoor gardens

Summer can't come soon enough to Richmond. We're missing our beloved outdoor time - so we've been inspired to bring a little greenery inside of our homes. For those of you who might not have much outdoor space, or just miss those blissful summer days outside - we've found a few things to inspire you to great outdoor gardens. 

What a better way to liven up your house than having a green wall? Here's a tutorial on how to create this.

indoor gardens

For those of you who have a green thumb, but not much DIY experience - this plant stand will do the trick! You can buy it right over here.

indoor garden

We love this idea for smaller spaces. Apartment dwellers - never fear, we're thinking of you, too! Make the use of your ceiling space with some hanging planters. You can find these sky planters here.

Let's be real: succulent gardens are the best, because it's nearly impossible to let them die. If you can manage a once a week watering, succulents are right for you! Bonus points? They look great! Check out this awesome guide to an indoor succulent garden.