get inspired: backsplashes

Oh how we love the kitchen. From our own home to the ones we renovate, the kitchen always leaves a lasting impression. Since there are so many things to love about this room, we decided to focus on one thing that sets the tone for the whole space- the backsplash.

If you couldn't tell by our past projects, we're well versed in white kitchens. It seems like such a simple choice, but can be used in unexpected ways like this wall-to-wall white wood-panelled backsplash.

The best part is that the airiness that comes with using a white backsplash works in all kitchen sizes creates a breathable space even when you don't have much to work with- like this couple did with their small space below.

Or you could ignore all of that and go for something a bit more dramatic. These solid colored tiles give these two kitchens completely different vibes, but both have unmistakable warmth and personality.

We're pulling loads of inspiration from these charming patterned backsplashes. They instantly turn kitchens into dreamy vintage spaces. 

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