a look into a current home for sale

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While we typically share complete renovations, we wanted to share the beginning stages of a home flip. We recently purchased a home in the Colonial District of Richmond, Virginia that is just radiating charm. From the outside, this home looks tiny and quaint but it actually has four bedrooms, three 1/2 baths, and is 2,600 square feet. 

Built in 1951, it’s clear that this home hadn’t received any love since since. Everything in the home has sort of a retro feel to it which definitely adds to the character, but it will need a serious redesign to bring it into this decade. Despite the checkerboard walls and olive green fixtures - we have a vision for this home that is quite different. As Josh puts it, “the home already has charm - we just need the charm to be put on steroids.” 

Generally at Cobblestone, we sell homes and let our buyers have control over the renovation. However, this time we’ve decided to run with our ideas and see what happens. 

We recently took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina and have been drawing inspiration from their homes and architecture. Most notably, in the front of this home there will be three french doors, complete with matching existing two panel doors we found from sifting through Cavartis in Richmond. We want this addition to look like it’s always been a part of the home, so finding doors that resemble what’s there now is very important. 

We’ll be adding an addition to the third floor, with an option for a fourth bathroom. Luckily, we’ve been able to save some original cast iron tubs that will be repurposed in this home. The pine floors are in excellent shape - and they'll be restored to their glossy glory by the end of this renovation. 

We know this home is going to be incredible, and we're really excited to bring it back to life. This listing is still currently for sale - if you or someone you know might be interested in purchasing it, let's chat! We'd love to work together to make this your dream home.