get inspired: bedrooms

Your bedroom should be so cosy, so inspiring, so beautiful - that it should be what dreams are made of. After all, the average person spends 33% of their life asleep - so why not have a space that is not only beautiful, but inviting as well? Today, we rounded up some bedrooms that we love, and offer some tips on recreating them.

We truly believe that no room can be cozy without the help of a good rug. We've seen a resurgence in oriental rugs lately (they're not just for your Grandma's front room where you can't touch anything!) and we love how they can pull the room together. We found a cheap one here for you.

Lately we've been loving gallery walls. Using mixed media, such as painting, illustrations, and personal photos can make such a beautiful art piece. Using oversized work alongside smaller ones serves as a great anchor point for the room.

Natural lighting is key to an incredible bedroom. However, we know we can't all be lucky to have a big bright space. Using white furniture, and mirrors helps make a bedroom look more open and less like a cave.

We'd love to hear your must have pieces for a room. What makes an incredible bedroom? Share your secrets in the comments below!