the house on north 33rd flip

Renovating this old home was such a fun experience. Built in 1910, this three bedroom, two bath house was in serious disrepair. Generally, we take around 6 months to fully renovate a home, but this one took a total of eight.

There were quite a few challenges with this flip. One of the biggest — a termite infestation. All of the framing had damage due those those critters, which we ultimately had to completely reframe the entire house from the inside. 

The past owners of the home had asphalt shingles on the siding of this home, which wasn’t at all traditional. They were a cheap way to insulate the home, but obviously — that’s not something we’re okay with keeping. In order to bring back it’s original charm, we ripped it all out, revealing what was existing — the beautiful wood clap siding. We were able to repair that with bondo and replaced the broken bits to achieve the historic look of this home.

This renovation was especially amazing because of our client. He had a true appreciation for Richmond and it’s architecture, and had a ton of input on the design and process. With their help, this was easily one of the coolest houses we’ve ever done.

In the kitchen, we went with black cabinets with white carrera tops. The brass pulls are from rejuvenation, along with the beautiful light fixtures. The floors are original hard pine, that we were able to salvage. The colors you see throughout the home are stonington grey, revere pewter and tai-corn black. 

While the past owner of this home may have added some questionable design pieces, their thrifty-ness did do us a favor. The old owner used to be a bike messenger, and would throw massive parties in the home. In order to get into his parties - he would request each guest bring a stolen cobblestone from Shockoe Bottom. When we bought his home, there were cobblestones all throughout their backyard. Luckily for us, we were able to repurpose them — in the end, we built a patio for our client.