the house on Hanes flip

This week we're taking you inside this duplex turned single-family home that turned out to be one of our best Northside home flips to date.

Converting this 1920-built building from a duplex to a functioning home was a new experience for us. We went through the city to keep everything up to code and drew out a completely new floor plan. Going from a structure with two of each room was tricky, but what we ended up with is a bright, grand 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home.

We found another property that needed the foundation reblocked (aka rebuilt). One thing we weren't willing to part with was the porch- a southern staple. We took it apart and rebuilt it from scratch to look exactly like the original.

We replaced the downstairs living room with a spacious kitchen. We refurbished the original fireplace to keep the charm and character, which ended up adding another layer of sophistication. The counters are covered in Carrera marble with a clean white subway tile, and finished with light fixtures from Rejuvenation

The master bath was converted from one of the second floor bedrooms. The fixtures come from Lowes and the lighting from our good friends at Shades of Light. We pulled the tub from another property and had it painted by A&J Resurfacing, leaving it in perfect condition to be repurposed for this home.

We love that we were able to refurbish so much of the home. There are a ton a small details like the rafter tiles we pulled off of the roof, the windows, the fireplaces, but we did add some new to the old that turned out to be one of our favorite features- a custom-built upstairs deck. 

We would love to hear what you think about this Northside flip. Let us know in the comments and head over to our past projects to see more of this home and other finished projects!