the house on 3255 Hanover flip

This was our first Museum District home, so we had to share it's renovation here on the blog. This three bedroom, two bath home was built in 1930. This flip took a total of six months, and we're so incredibly happy with how it turned out.

We were very fortunate to save the original flooring of this home. It's original oak, and it with just a bit of sanding and a few layers of poly, it was good as new.

As always, we took extra effort to update this kitchen. The client chose to go with marble countertops, as well as adding in an incredible butcher block island top. The focal point of this incredible room would be the mint green island, of course. We love it because it's classic, yet modern.

With all renovations - we did turn into some issues, of course. The back right side wall is brick, and continually weeped. With all of the moisture coming through, it needed to be reopened. We fixed this by taking off all of the plaster and as an added touch - expositing the brick in the dining room.

The light fixtures of this home are (you guessed it!) from Shades of Light. The colors you'll see throughout are Stonington Grey and Rivere Pewter.

This house was especially important to us because it was our first shot at the Museum District. We definitely hope to keep expanding into this great neighborhood in the future.