get inspired: accents of yellow

Let the sunshine in! 

As historic home renovators, we see a lot of terrible old yellow interiors. Obviously, yellow was a huge hit back in the day and we're constantly having clients ask us to repaint, or rip out the bright hues. While most of the time we can totally agree with not wanting it in your space, there are some really amazing ways to work this bright color into your home. Accents of yellow will brighten up any space, and we'd like to share some of our bold and beautiful favorites.

We'll admit, painting your fireplace a bright color is quite a bold move - but why not?! It's a great conversation piece, your guests will remember it forever! 

Whenever we see yellow tiles, it tends to be in older homes. Along with avocado green, it was a huge trend in the 70s. We're loving this rebirth for the color, especially in these spaces!

We love yellow couches! Honestly, we believe they can go with any style room or decor. There's just something about them that really pull a space together. We found a great one right over here, too.

Painting the inside of doorways and windows is officially our new favorite thing. It's a great way to highlight your space, and gives a welcoming vibe to the area.

Little accents like a door, or barstools can brighten up your space immensely. They make your rooms look larger, and not to mention more cheerful!