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We are incredibly fortunate to have such amazing homebuyers to work with. It's intimidating to put your home's future in someone else's hands, so we're thankful for clients like Jimmette & Mike Jones who did just that. We worked with the couple to renovate this three bedroom, two and a half bath, 1920s American Foursquare home in Northside. Their ease and enthusiasm truly made them a dream to work with. We asked them a few questions about their home buying process and working with yours truly :)

Mike & Jimmette Jones

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Are you Richmond natives, new to the neighborhood?

My husband is originally from Buffalo, NY, but I'm an RVA native!

How did you find out about Cobblestone?

Through our close friends

We've seen the before pictures- they're a little intimidating to say the least. What made you decide to go for a house flip?

My husband and I were HUGE fans of Northside, RVA. We instantly fell in love with the size, character, and location of the homes...but, we weren't too thrilled about getting a house that was "old" and needed tons of work. We wanted character but modern.

Did you have a good idea of what you wanted when you started?

Yes. We were pretty sure, as we'd started looking at homes about a year before we knew we'd be ready to actually purchase.

What was it like working with Cobblestone?

AMAZING! Josh and JD were super responsive. They had no problem showing us the house's progress through the process.

Were you surprised at any part of the process?

Not really. Because 2 of our friends purchased Cobblestone houses, we came in pretty prepared.

What are your favorite parts of your new home?

EVERYTHING! It's impossible to think of a "favorite" area. My husband and I feel so graced to have this home. We love everything about it!

How do you like the neighborhood? Why did you choose it?

We love the history and architecture of Northside, RVA. We know that this community is about to undergo pretty significant changes and we're so excited to be a part of its growth.

How did you feel at the beginning of the experience and how do you feel now?

We were super anxious going in. But, we were hopeful. Our friends' houses are both beautiful, so we totally knew what to expect. We feel great! We wouldn't trade the experience and our home for anything.

Is there anything else you want to share about your experience?

Cobblestone is seriously awesome. Our friends and family are always so taken aback by how beautiful our home is. Richmond is so fortunate to have a young visionary like Josh. Albeit he makes the home "modern," he leaves in just the right amount of original character.

We want to thank Jimmette and Mike again for sharing their experience and being such a delight to work with. If you're interested in working with us check out our current listings or contact us anytime!