you asked, and we answered!

Last week we asked our followers to ask us anything, and we were so happy with the turnout. We picked some of the best ones and shared them here.

How do you find your properties to renovate?

We find homes a few different ways. Sometimes, it's through real estate agents that bring them to us, or through MLS (multiple listing server.) However - our favorite ways to find homes are when people bring off market deals because they're not quite sure what to do with them - or their Grandma's home is so out of date, they either won't receive any bidders in an open market, or they love it too much to see the home sold to someone with no connection to it's story.

Would you recommend a house that needs renovations for a first time homebuyer? There's just so much to consider with costs and the hidden aspects that may pop up but to create/renovate a home to have your own style and input would be a great feeling!

Not always! Buying a house for the first time is stressful enough, there are a lot of variables that pop up. Whether it be time, money, are there just aren't enough hours in the day to manage. Someone who is experienced in home buying and knows what they want are generally recommended for home renovations and get the most out of the process.

What neighborhoods do you think are hidden gems/ up and coming values in RVA?

We love this question. Some up and coming neighborhoods would absolutely be Westover Hills, Woodland Heights, Battery Park, Jackson Ward and Union Hill.

That being said - Jackson Ward and Woodland Heights are probably the most over looked in our opinion. They have beautiful 1880s row houses, a lot of square footage in the heart of the city, tons of accessibility and close to major highways!

How do you approach design for each property? i.e. countertops, lighting fixtures, accent walls, etc

A lot of times we start with the floor plan. We begin with it as-is then trace over it and figure out how to increase square footage and functionality. It's amazing how much potential some of these homes lose over the years because of additions or quick-fixes. We want to maximize what each home has to offer.

As for designs, we spend a lot of time sorting through Pinterest and Houzz, picking what we think is cool and would work best for the space. 

What are some of your go-to places for materials?

We don't have to go far to get high-quality, aesthetically beautiful material. Richmond is full of local shops and big brands that make it easy for us to customize our homes with. Some of our favorites would be: Surface Architectural Supply HouseFerguson'sShades of LightRejuvenationPaul's Place, Benjamin Moore, Lowes, Class and Trash and Caravatis.

We highly recommend these stores, they've been so good to us, we have a good feeling you'll walk out finding some hidden gems.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

Josh is a bit old school, so he's constantly referencing the book "How To Build Craftsman" (written from the 1960s) to pull inspiration for floor plans. Even when we build new, we look back at what works. These old buildings are still standing for a reason after all.

We also really thrive on the environment. After a recent trip to Charleston we've been endlessly inspired to bring back that look and feel to our homes here in Richmond. We've even gotten ideas from hanging out in restaurants around town We feel so lucky to live in a city that constantly inspires creativity. 

Of course Pinterest, Houzz and Southern Living are major sources of every day design inspiration. 

What makes a good client?

Our favorite clients are ones who have a vision already for their home. While we love running with the home design we have in mind - it's great when a client knows exactly what they want. We also love clients who believe that quality matters above all, someone who appreciates the product is a star in our book.

What does the next year hold for Cobblestone?

A lot of exciting things we can't talk about quite yet (!!!) For now, we have a lot of the same type of projects and renovations- we're currently renovating a beautiful Franklin property. And we're focusing on new builds. You can see some completed ones here. We're always pushing ourselves creatively and trying to really zero-in on what people want in today's market.

Do you ever renovate just one room, or is it always a whole house?

We get this question a ton! We actually only do full home renovations. While we'd love to help renovate just a room in your home, it isn't in our scope at this point.

What kind of dog do you have? What’s it’s name?

We have a beautiful Goldendoodle! Her name is Birdie. You can see her cute face right over here.

Are your kids involved with the renovations in any way?

Yes! This is really a family business. They both go with us on sales calls from time to time. Hazel shows houses with Mom on occasion, and Riley comes on site for demos to take down some walls. They love it.

Do you ever renovate homes that you didn’t buy/sell first?

We do on occassion. However, we're very very selective about who we work with in cases like this. Because this isn't our main business, this is sort of rare for us to do.

A huge thanks to all of you who submitted questions - we hope that this post was as fun for you as it was for us! 

If this is something you'd like for us to continuously do on occasion, we'd love to hear it!