Doors: A Twist on a Home Staple


By now you know we love mixing it up and reinventing old pieces to be something new. Lately we've been obsessed with giving doors a little extra attention.

Many of the homes we renovated have doors that are beautiful, solid wood. Unfortunately, the doors they used in the 1920's weren't as wide as the doors you see in most modern homes. Furniture doesn't always fit through these tiny spaces and when you're adding entire floors to homes like we do adding new doors is an essential - unless you want to just leave the second floor master bedroom wide open. We love to make a home feel cohesive so we usually opt to replace all the doors in the home, but we do find new ways to use the old doors. Like this door below; a beautiful old door sanded down, repainted, and repurposed as a sliding front for this drop-zone area. 


Interior hallway drop-zone sliding door from The House on Moss Side Ave

We also love reinventing popular trends. The sliding barn door became a wish list item for home owners a little over two years ago and while we love it we wanted to see something new done with it. With the style of some of our homes a traditional looking barn door just wasn't the right fit but the functionality made sense so we worked in some glass door options that keep with the home's style. 


We don't just love interior doors. We're al about the exterior door too. Your front door is the first impression of your home and we always want someone to look at your house and think, "What a beautiful, unique home." The front door tops off the curb appeal of a home by showing off your individual taste, giving a nod to the history of the home, or tying the exterior design together. 

The front of  The House On Griffin
The front door of  The House On Parkwood

The front door of The House On Parkwood