Our Team


Josh Romano



Josh Romano is the founder and owner of Cobblestone Development Group. Josh has worked in construction since childhood, on site learning flooring, electric, and all things home-building. His momentum has brought him to the forefront of the Richmond housing market.

Since its inception, Josh has lead Cobblestone to renovate, build, and outfit over $6 million in total construction. As a Licensed Residential Real Estate Agent specializing in investments, he has participated, completed, sold and owned over $50 million of real estate.

Outside of his business Josh is a dedicated husband to Breese, father to two amazing kids and a goldendoodle.

breese romano

Lead Designer


Breese is the queen of Cobblestone’s castle. Not only is she the mother of two beautiful children, she’s the head of our home design, and a licensed realtor. From a young age, she began her love for home interiors, going to her grandmother's house and comb through all of her Veranda magazines, dog ear pages and design future houses from each magazine.

Today, her design philosophy is: comfortable, clean, classic, livable. It’s no secret that her favorite feature in a home is the lighting. She believes if you have a great light fixture it can become the focal point to draw inspiration for the rest of the room's design. Breese puts this philosophy to work in her work for Cobblestone, which always feature bright and open spaces that we all love.